CP violating phase from minimal texture neutrino mass matrix: Test of the phase relevant to leptogenesis


The model of neutrino mass matrix with minimal texture is now tightly constrained by experiment so that it can yield a prediction for the phase of CP violation. This phase is predicted to lie in the range $\delta_{CP}=0.77\pi–1.24\pi$. If neutrino oscillation experiment would find the CP violation phase outside this range, this means that the minimal-texture neutrino mass matrix, the element of which is all real, fails and the neutrino mass matrix must be complex, i.e., the phase must be present that is responsible for leptogenesis.

In Physics Letters B
Yuya Kaneta/金田佑哉
Yuya Kaneta/金田佑哉
Data Scientist

My research was a particle physics phenomenology. Of course, I am interested in data science and particle physics, but recently I also interest in the use of data in the space exploration industry.